EVW Sponsors Humanitarian Organization “Champions of Humanity” Event

EVW and EVW partners Lawrence Steckman and Peter Cross are acting as sponsors for Hermandad, Inc., a not for profit organization formed in the early 1970s whose mission has been to design and install water infrastructure projects in some of the world’s poorest communities.

Hermandad provides master engineer oversight and funds the acquisition of the materials for the project, while the community must establish a “water committee” which will be responsible for guaranteeing the involvement of the community in the project and in the on-going maintenance once it is complete.

Numerous communities have been transformed by Hermandad efforts, over many years. EVW is proud to be a sponsor of their upcoming event on June 18, 2014, titled “Champions of Humanity.”

Hermandad is honoring several persons who have dedicated substantial time and efforts to the cause of lessening human suffering.

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