EVW Counsel Chris Colvin Interviewed By Metropolitan Corporate Counsel Magazine On Organization For In-House Professionals

Eaton & Van Winkle counsel Chris Colvin is the founder of In The House, an organization dedicated to the professional networking needs of in-house counsel. Mr. Colvin’s vision of a network where in-house counsel could get to know each other, both personally and on the professional level, today has 23,000 members. Mr. Colvin sat down with Metropolitan Corporate Counsel for their May 2016 issue to discuss what In The House does and where it is going.


“The power of in-house counsel is increasing as the importance of their function increases. In order to succeed as an in-house counsel, it’s increasingly important to be at the cutting edge, in terms of knowing what technologies are available to help make law departments more efficient, what outside service providers are available beyond the law firms that have traditionally served in-house counsel and what outside providers can supplement services that law departments have traditionally gotten from law firms.

We are laser-focused on career development for in-house counsel, so we’re not holding ourselves out as a general-purpose bar association that does all of the things that a traditional bar association does, but instead we’re really focused on career opportunities for in-house counsel, meaning that we want to help them both be the very best they can be in their current job and also map out a long-term trajectory in their careers so that they can continue that success. “