Martin Garbus Appears On Democracy Now; Advocates Peltier Clemency

Eaton & Van Winkle partner Martin Garbus made an appearance on the Democracy Now radio program earlier this week to make an appeal to President Obama for a pardon of Leonard Peltier before Mr. Obama leaves office at noon today. Democracy Now is an independent program that shuns corporate contributions and is co-hosted by Amy Goodman, an award-winning journalist. Her interview of Mr. Garbus this past week was one part of what has been a fervent effort by supporters of Mr. Peltier to gain an eleventh-hour pardon.

Leonard Peltier’s conviction in a 1975 murder case was fraught with political implications from the outset. The prosecutor of the case, James Reynolds, has become a surprising voice in the push to obtain clemency. Mr. Garbus termed Reynolds’ reversal to be “an amazing turn of events…nothing like that has ever happened before.”

There have been a flood of pardons coming from the White House over the past several weeks. This past week alone has seen pardons given to Oscar Rivera Lopez and Chelsea Manning. The supporters of Mr. Peltier hope that the closing hours of the Obama Administration will see their efforts bear positive fruit.

It’s important to note that while no one in Mr. Peltier’s camp is optimistic about the hopes for clemency in a Trump White House, the fight will continue. In the event a last-second pardon does not come today, those that wish to join Mr. Garbus in supporting Leonard Peltier can visit the
Friends Of Leonard Peltier website, which offers ways for voices to be heard