Partner Martin Garbus’ Client A Key Part Of United States-Cuba Negotiations

Eaton and Van Winkle partner Martin Garbus is a key player in negotiations between the Obama Administration and the Cuban government involving criminal defendant Gerardo Hernandez, an Eaton and Van Winkle client, represented by Mr. Garbus. Mr. Hernandez is one of the “Cuban Five”, and his conviction on conspiracy-murder charges are strongly disputed by Havana, with support from the international community and some on the U.S. federal bench.

The possibility that Hernandez will be swapped for Alan Gross, an American hostage in Cuba is the subject of the negotiations. A successful completion of this process could open the door to larger-scale initiatives in the areas of trade, travel and tourism between the United States and its neighbor 90 miles south. The issues involved are sensitive and The New York Times editorialized in support of these efforts: