Robert Swetnick Wins Case With NY State Industrial Board of Appeals

March, 2014 EVW Partner Robert Swetnick successfully tried a case before the New York State Industrial Board of Appeals. His client was a restaurateur had been charged with not paying adequate wages. All Wage Orders and Penalty Orders against EVW’s client were dismissed. • February 2014 EVW Partners Martin Garbus and Joe Johnson obtained an arbitration award from the Independent Film & Television Alliance dismissing time-share king David Siegel’s libel suit, brought through Westgate Resorts against the filmmaker for “The Queen of Versailles,” 2013’s highest grossing documentary which played to millions on Bravo and CNBC. David Siegel, head of Westgate Resorts, claimed the film and its press release defamed his business. After a four-day arbitration, the arbitrator dismissed all claims on the merits and awarded the filmmaker attorneys’ fee of $750,000.