High-Profile Client Of Martin Garbus Making A Movie About His Life

Eaton & Van Winkle partner Martin Garbus, the head of our Civil Rights and First Amendment Practice areas, has counseled many high-profile clients over the course of his career. The name of Santider Dhillon can be added to that list, as Mr. Dillion prepares a film about his life.

Mr. Dillon is renowned for a long legal battle in Canada that stretched out over eighteen years. He spent time in prison for his fight in the right to speak freely and courageously fasted for a week while in prison. He ultimately triumphed in what is now considered one of Canada’s landmark free speech cases. He is credited by Canadian journalists who covered the case with inspiring hope in society’s marginalized.

Santider Dhillon is currently writing for the popular Huffington Post blog and earlier this month, it was announced that movie discussions are underway with a Hollywood scriptwriter and the film is expected to feature an A-list star.

Santider Dhillon joins a Martin Garbus client list that includes names like Al Pacino, Sean Connery, Robert Redford, Spike Lee and Vaclav Havel. Mr. Garbus has made the defense of free speech an important cornerstone of his career and is proud to have represented Mr. Dhillon as he persevered in his legal struggle.

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