Civil Rights Law Group

Eaton & Van Winkle’s attorneys are devoted to the pursuit of civil rights, liberties and justice and human rights, and have the experience to handle a wide range of issues in this important area of law.

Attorneys in EVW’s Civil Rights Law practice handle cases protecting these fundamental rights.

EVW’s Civil Rights Law Group is headed by Martin Garbus, a former Legal Director and Associate Director to the American Civil Liberties Union and Director-Counsel to the Roger Baldwin Foundation, Chairman of the Board of the Lawyers Constitutional Defense Committee, and Chairman and Founder of the Committee to Abolish Capital Punishment. He is a 2012 recipient of the One to World Fulbright Award for Global Leadership.

Sample Clients

  • International NGOs in South Africa, Chile, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Soviet Union
  • Defendants in murder cases, stopping their executions
  • Defendants in wrongful conviction cases
  • Civil rights leader Cesar Chavez in free speech, commercial and criminal cases in California and elsewhere in the United States, all in support of the United Farm Workers
  • Defended Justices of the Indian Supreme Court during The Emergency
  • Defended Sikh Nationalists before the Punjab Court and in the United Nations
  • Defended Chinese dissidents in Beijing
  • Represented the government of Rwanda in negotiations with the United Nations over the holding of criminal trials in Kigali, amongst other places
  • Presently defending the Cuban Five, convicted of murder, before the United Nations and the Florida Federal Court
  • Other notable clients include Nelson Mandela, Andrei Sakharov, Václav Havel

Sample Engagements

EVW engagements range from wrongful conviction cases to consulting on constitutional law in China, Poland and Rwanda.

Litigators in our Civil Rights Law Group have handled cases at all levels of State and Federal Court, including the US Supreme Court:

  • Wrongful conviction
  • Disenfranchisement
  • Stays of execution

Martin Garbus argued before the U.S. Supreme Court after a trial in Alabama and won, in King v. Smith (392 U.S. 309), a unanimous 9-0 decision striking down laws in 14 states on the ground that they violated the Constitution. These laws had disenfranchised one million people.

Multi Discipline Concentrations

Members of the Civil Rights Law Group, some of whom who also practice in the First Amendment Law Group, are experienced in the protection of civil rights and liberties.

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Together, the attorneys in our Civil Rights Law Group can handle any issue related to civil rights, liberties and justice and human rights that our clients may face.
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