Employment Litigation Counsel

In the contentious world of employment litigation, the wide-ranging experience of Eaton & Van Winkle attorneys can provide clients with a firm, sturdy base on which to build their employee agreements.

Experience in severance law enables our attorneys to draft contracts, non-compete agreements, confidentiality and severance packages that will withstand the scrutiny of the judicial or arbitration process. We will handle negotiating shareholders’ agreements, including equity compensation and we understand how these agreements impact potential financing, restructuring or acquisitions in the future.

In the event of a discrimination or harassment claim, Eaton & Van Winkle will be there from the moment the investigation commences and we are experienced in crucial matters such as presenting evidence and making assessments of the legal risks faced in each individual case.

EVW employment attorneys provide further counsel on matters ranging from executive compensation and ESOPs and do so with a keen understanding of tax consequences and fiduciary responsibility. We will further handle issues related directly to employee relationships.

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