Intellectual Property Law Group

The Eaton & Van Winkle Intellectual Property Law Group has had many years of experience in patent and trademark, copyright and trade secret litigation, as well as the procurement and transactional evaluation of intellectual property in all industries.

We recognize the importance of patents and technology and are considered leaders in the field. For patents, our team handles some of the most interesting and challenging matters in the field, including multiple cybercrime cases, interferences under the prior patent statute, ANDA Hatch-Waxman litigation, patent office reexaminations, reissues and one of the first derivation proceedings under the AIA.

EVW has worked closely for years with the China firm LungTin International, which is focused on intellectual property matters, transactional work, prosecution of all forms of IP and litigation. In 2014, EVW established an affiliate relationship with LungTin International. Headquartered in Beijing, LungTin International has offices Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tokyo and Hong Kong with over 160 professionals fluent in several languages, including English, Japanese, Korean, German, and French.

Other Intellectual Property Law Practice Areas

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Together, the attorneys in our Intellectual Property Law Group form a team with experience to handle any IP-related issue that our clients may face.

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