IP Litigation


In the context of patents, trademarks, trade dress, design rights, rights of publicity, copyrights and trade secrets, the firm has had many significant cases in all these matters. EVW intellectual property attorneys have tried patent cases in all sciences with emphasis on the pharmaceutical and computer/software industries before judges and juries.

  • Our trademark and anti-piracy experience is well known in such areas as jewelry, watches, apparel, shoes, electronics and various food and drink groups.
  • Our right of publicity cases have been cutting-edge, with substantial successes.
  • Our trade dress cases have substantial fame appended to their results.

We have been litigating copyright issues for half a century in publishing, music, film, photography, the arts in general, and more recently, heavily in social media and the internet. Our trade secret litigations have given thorough line of fire experience in a very difficult area of the law, and we have succeeded admirably in protecting such rights, or in some cases defending unwarranted accusations of misappropriation. When appropriate, we move rapidly preliminarily to enjoin unlawful conduct harmful to our clients.

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