Trade Secrets Law and Litigation

Eaton & Van Winkle’s Comprehensive Trade Secret Litigation Practice

Our trade secret law firm, an integrated and substantial part of our IP practice is discussed in more detail elsewhere, and includes enforcement and defense of trade secret misappropriation, development of protection programs, licensing and evaluation of trade secrets.

EVW’s trade secrets attorneys have represented:

  • All technologies
  • Fortune 500 clients in all industries
  • High-profile authors and publishers
  • Media producers
  • Hosts and personalities
  • Makers and purveyors of news
  • Celebrities featured in broadcasts and publications or seeking privacy protection
  • Social commentators and high-ranking government officials
  • Artists, inventors and other persons with interest in artistic and intellectual properties

Unfair Competition Law

In most of our IP cases there are significant issues surrounding unfair methods of competing. We have done this work with respect to all forms of IP in both state and federal courts.

Our experience also includes significant work in anti-counterfeiting for some of the world’s most prestigious trademark and copyright rights, all the professional sports leagues in the U.S., and many well-known universities. These analyses are further developed in hundreds of arbitrations where the key issues are always whether the parties are dealing in good faith. “Unfair” is a term for which we have constant and continuing understanding in a courtroom context.

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