Islamic (Sharia) Finance Practice

The Islamic Finance Group has in depth experience in the development, structuring and financing of billions of dollars of transactions in a wide range of innovative Islamic financial products, including private equity funds, trade finance funds, asset securitizations, sukuk (Islamic bonds), factoring agreements, and many other Sharia compliant products.

Engagements include one of the first Sharia compliant private equity funds, one of the largest consumer finance asset securitizations employing the use of sukuk, and a structure for short term liquidity management utilizing a tuwarak commodity structure backed by commercial paper.

Sample clients include the largest Islamic bank in the world, one of the largest consumer finance companies in the Arabian Gulf, a leading Sharia compliant investment company based in Kuwait and a leading global US bank. Sample engagements/transactions include:

  • The establishment of the first Sharia compliant hotel and resort fund;
  • The restructuring of a Sharia compliant equipment leasing fund;
  • The establishment of a trade finance fund for the purchase and resale of various; commodities supplied by a global trading company from Russia to China;
  • Financings for the purchase and sale of cattle in feedlots through a wakala (agent);
  • Inventory financing for a leading global telecommunications company involving the purchase and sale of telecommunications equipment in various warehouse locations through the use of a wakala (agent).

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