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Eaton & Van Winkle’s Litigation & Arbitration Group is dedicated to protecting our clients and their rights through advice to avoid and prepare for formal disputes and effective representation in such disputes. An EVW arbitration lawyer is experienced in all phases and aspects of litigation and dispute resolution. We represent domestic and foreign corporations and individuals. We conduct litigation in federal and state courts located throughout the United States. We conduct arbitrations in the U.S. and internationally before general commercial tribunals such as AAA, ICC and JAMS and specialty tribunals such as FINRA, WIPO and the SMA. Our expertise extends well beyond the courtroom to internal investigations, agency and administrative proceedings and appeals, and alternative dispute resolution.

The focus of a serious dispute resolution lawyer is always on the business and personal objectives of the client. We see our greatest successes as avoiding formal litigation and arbitration proceedings through advance advice in legal risk management and through informal and preliminary dispute resolution processes such as mediation. We combine our deep litigation and trial skills with substantive industry knowledge and expertise to deliver highly effective advocacy and results that achieve our clients’ unique interests. Our litigators work in teams with other practice leaders in our firm and beyond to develop and execute complete solutions to multi-faceted problems. We work with a network of lawyers and other professionals around the world to achieve the best results for our clients and have been highly successfully in vindicating their rights.

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Together, the attorneys in our International Law Practice Group form a team with the experience to handle any area issue that our clients may face.

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