Domestic Relations Law

Eaton & Van Winkle has an active practice counseling and representing clients on all aspects of the Domestic Relations laws. Our divorce lawyers prosecute and defend actions for divorce, annulment and separation, conducting all proceedings, drafting pleadings and motions, conducting and defending depositions of parties, non-parties and expert witnesses, and drafting, reviewing and exchanging net worth statements and other financial information. Our attorneys regularly retain and interact with expert appraisers, accountants, financial experts and other necessary expert witnesses and conduct all court proceedings in litigation, including trials, motions and appeals.

Our attorneys regularly negotiate and draft separation agreements, settlement stipulations, and premarital and postmarital agreements. We counsel clients with respect to equitable distribution issues, child custody, visitation and child support and draft papers in connection with post-divorce issues including modifying support obligations due to changed circumstances, seeking change in custodial and visitation arrangements and prosecuting and defending contempt applications. Our attorneys have represented clients in hundreds of domestic relations matters.

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