Internet and E-Commerce Law

Eaton & Van Winkle attorneys have successfully protected clients’ rights from illegal acts on the Internet, closing down illegal sites that attempted to exploit client trademarks and protecting the goods and services of valid intellectual property owners. When our clients have been victimized by thefts, our attorneys have obtained monetary and/or injunctive relief.

Clients in need of an Internet lawyer range from universities and religious organizations to Fortune 100 companies. Eaton & Van Winkle has represented clients in actions before WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and acted to protect client interests no matter where or how compromised. Our attorneys have acted, for example, to protect against the infringement of copyrighted jewelry and watches, the illegal downloads of movies, music and educational videos and, internationally, worked under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Our attorneys are very familiar with the data access and transfer laws of many countries and their legal frameworks for protection of confidentiality and data preservation. We are very familiar with social media issues from an intellectual property and data protection standpoint, and vigorously protect our client’s rights. We have been highly effective in closing down notorious offenders including Torrent-based illegal streamers.


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