EVW Media Attorney Team

EVW’s entertainment practice involves individuals and companies involved in media, entertainment, and the arts. Led by Martin Garbus, EVW  media attorneys have handled entertainment-law cases involving free speech, intellectual property, and commercial-law issues as well as book and movie negotiations, including movie negotiations for the Pulitzer Prize-winning “Oppenheimer.”

A sampling of the clients our defamation attorneys have worked with includes, but is not limited to, the following…

  • Represented Public Enemy No. 1, a rap group, which prevailed in a copyright suit against the Coors Beer Company that wrongfully sampled its work in beer advertisements
  • Represented Miramax when the Motion Picture Association tried to give several of its films an “R” rating
  • Won before a federal jury the Isley Brothers’ accounting and infringement suit against Motown Records
  • Defended Terry McMillan in a libel suit
  • Defended Peter Matthiessen and Penguin Books in libel suits filed in South Dakota and Minnesota by South Dakota Governor and Senator William Janklow and the FBI over allegations that the FBI wrongfully coerced testimony through physical abuse and that the Governor had raped an Indian woman

EVW entertainment/media clients have included:

  • Motion Picture Studios, Media, and Corporate Entities: Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Miramax, LucasFilms, Paramount, Michael Bloomberg, and Bloomberg, L.P.
  • Actors, Playwrights, Directors, & Producers: Al Pacino, Lauren Bacall, Martin Lawrence, Sean Connery, Michael Caine, Richard Gere, Robert Redford, Penny Marshall, Spike Lee, Lenny Bruce, Michael Moore, Garry Marshall, Sidney Lumet, Samuel Beckett, Peter Stone, Michael York, Frederick Wiseman, and Jonas Mekas
  • Publishers: Penguin-Putnam Books, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Random House, Alfred A. Knopf, Pantheon, Ballantine Books, Grove Press, and Scholastic Books
  • Authors: David Halberstam, Philip Roth, Tom Brokaw, Amy Tan, Terry McMillan, Peter Matthiessen, Martin Sherwin, Kai Bird, Nancy Reagan, and Alger Hiss
  • Artists, Photographers & Galleries: Agnes Martin, Tom Wesselman, Sally Mann, Bert Stern, Richard Avedon, Robert Frank, and The Pace Gallery

Martin Garbus who leads this practice group has also been appointed the attorney/executor/trustee for several high-profile estates, including those of Igor Stravinsky, John Cheever, Marilyn Monroe, and Margaret Mitchell.

High-profile public figures seeking an answer to the question “What does an entertainment lawyer do for me?” are well-served by talking to an EVW media attorney. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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