Condominium & Cooperative Law

What An EVW Condo Lawyer Can Do For You

EVW provides legal representation to cooperative corporations and condominium associations throughout the greater New York City area. With EVW, you’ll work with experienced lawyers who can capably and swiftly respond to legal issues that arise in day-to-day operations, from contracts with outside parties to dispute resolutions with, by or between unit owners/coop shareholders.

Our attorneys regularly counsel cooperative and condominium boards, their management agents and operational personnel on topics including condominium sales,  managing agent agreements, alterations, maintenance and repairs, vendor contracts, construction contracts, bylaw disputes and modifications, interpretation and enforcement of proprietary leases and house rules, maintenance fee and common charge disputes, meetings, governance: minutes and elections, assessments and flip tax issues, breach of fiduciary duty or conflict of interest, and neighbor, noise and disturbance issues.

For condominium and co-op owners, a disputed issue frequently involves their home. We believe the best solutions almost always come from a detailed understanding of the legal and factual issues, followed by discussions and negotiations with all interested parties. On the rare occasion when legal action is necessary, our experienced trial lawyers are prepared to litigate. EVW real estate lawyers have a reputation for effective courtroom results.

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